Paraffin WaxIran one of the major exporter of Paraffin wax in the world.

Paraffin as a component of Crude Mineral oil and its produces by separating the wax out of the Crude Mineral Oils. Paraffin wax purified through boiling and chilled then pressed through a filter which creates heavy oil or Paraffin wax. Paraffin is tested in Laboratory to be safe to use.

This product with different oil content in variety industries is used such a Candle making, Textiles, Paper Making, Cosmetics, Food, Pharmaceutical and more. Paraffin wax below 0.5 oil content is the best grade of paraffin wax that used in cosmetics and oily papers.

paraffin wax


Wax is an organic, plastic – like substance that is solid at ambient temperature and becomes liquid when melted.
In general terms waxes are naturally or synthetically derived.
Crude oil is transported to refineries where it is refined into finished products by complex processes.
One of the many products derived from refining is lube/base oils.
The waxes are produced in the lube / oil refining process.
Petroleum waxes as a mixture of hydrocarbons are classified in three general categories . They include microcrystalline, macrocystalline and semi-microcrystalline paraffin wax. ZigguratOil Paraffin Waxes are macrocrystalline and provide a wide variety of physical characteristics such as oil content and melting point,… can be used in a wide range of industries.


Base oils are produced in a series of steps which are designed to enhance certain desirable properties such as viscosity index, low temperature properties…
In base oil production process, the solvent extracted lube fraction is dewaxed by chilling to a low temperature which removes much of the wax.
This improves the low temperature fluidity of the product, and produces dewaxed lube fractions and slack wax. Chart 1 illustrates refining process in ZigguratOil Co.Through deoiling / sweating of slack wax, paraffin waxes are obtained.

Intended Use

Type of Industry Application Type of Industry Application
Candles Fuel, drop Point regulations Recycling Compatibility sizing
Printing Inks Improvement of Rub Resistance, Slip Ceramics and Metals Binders for sintering
Paints and Coatings Matting, surface protection Paper and Cardboard Surface Hardening
Building Modification of Bitumen, Anti Graffiti treatment Polishes Surface Protection of Leather, Floors, Cars
Explosives Stabilization, Binding Agent, Plasticizing Agent Timber Industry Water Proofing, providing Flexibility and Consistency
Matches, Pyrotechnics Impregnations, Fuel Rubber Industry Release Agents Enhancing Rigidity Surface Hardening
Electrical and Electronics Release Agent, Insulating Material and Etching Bases Crayons and Wax Pastels Vehicle for Pigments, Regulates Hardness
Adhesive and Hotmelts Viscosity Regulation Lubrication, Surface Hardening Cosmetics Binder and Consistency Regulation for Ointments, Paster, Lipsticks, Creams
Packaging Laminating, adhesive, control flexibility, moisture barrier of coating Textile Reinforce, Providing Water Proofing and Improving Tactile and Visual Aspect
Fire Logs Binding Agent for Wood Particles, Helping Long Control Combustion Plastics lubrication (poly Vinyl Chloride) Release Agents (poly Amide), Pigment Carriers (Master Batch)
Foods Citrus Fruits and Cheese Coating, Chewing gum Base (control chew texture), Confectionary Medicine and Pharmaceutical Molding & Release Agents in Dental Laboratories Retardants, Surface Hardening Of pills


Paraffin Wax Grade Oil Content %wt max. Melting Point °c Color min SUS Penetration 0.1mm@25°c Viscosity@ 100°c(cSt)
ASTM, D-721 ASTM, D-87 Saybolt ASTM, D-1321 ASTM, D-445
L1  1 60-62 28 18-23 3.6-4.4
L2 2 58-60 28 15-19 3.6-4.4
L3 3 58-61 28 18-23 3.6-4.4
L5 5 55-60 18-23 3.6-4.4
L10 10 54-59 18-23 3.6-4.4
UL1 1 58-61 29 Max 24 3.6-4.4
UL2 2 58-61 29 Max 24 3.6-4.4
M1 1 62-66 28 15-19 4.5-6.4
M2 2 62-65 28 15-19 4.5-6.4
M3 3 61-65 28 15-19 4.5-6.4
M5 5 60-65 20 15-19 4.5-6.4
M10 10 60-65 15-19 4.5-6.4
MB1 1 64-66 25 Max 19 4.5-6.4
MB2 2 63-65 25 Max 19 4.5-6.4
H1 1 68-71 22 Max 21 6.5-8.0
H2 2 68-71 22 Max 23 6.5-8.0
H3 3 67-69 18 Max 23 6.5-8.0
H5 5 67-69 Max 23 6.5-8.0
H10 10 66-69 6.5-8.0
Unbleached Paraffin Wax Grade Oil Content %wt max. Melting Point °c Color Max. Penetration 0.1mm@25°c Viscosity@ 100°c(cSt)
ASTM, D-721 ASTM,D87 ASTM D-1500 ASTM, D-1321 ASTM, D-445
M1 1 62-66 1 15-19 4.5-6.4
M2 2 62-66 1 15-19 4.5-6.4
M3 3 61-65 1 15-19 4.5-6.4
M5 5 60-65 1 15-19 4.5-6.4
M10 10 60-65 1 15-19 4.5-6.4
H1 1 68-71 4.5 6.5-8.0
H2 2 68-71 4.5 21-28 6.5-8.0
H3 3 68-71 4.5 21-28 6.5-8.0
H5 5 68-71 4.5 6.5-8.0
H10 10 66-69 4.5 6.5-8.0