cutback bitumenmedium / Rapid curing

Cutback Bitumen is Bitumen that is dissolved in a solvent. Typical solvents include Naptha, gasoline and kerosene, white spirit etc. The type of solvent controls the curing time while the amount determines the viscosity of the Cutback Bitumen.

The penetration of an actual sample of the bitumen in any grade should fall between the lower and upper value given

Cutback bitumen types and grades

ZigguratOil Cutbacks are divided into two classifications, Rapid-Curing (RC) and Medium-Curing (MC) depending on the solvent used. They are further defined by a number which indicates the minimum kinematic viscosity (fluidity) of the cutback.

The most popular grades are MC30, MC70, MC250, MC3000, RC70, RC250 AND RC3000. We are also capable of producing other grades of Cutback Bitumen upon request by our customers.

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