Bitumen EmulsionGrade: CRS1

Bitumen Emulsion CRS1 is specially designed water based Bitumen Emulsion with low viscosity and fast setting that makes it an ideal product for Tack Coat spray application. It is chocolate brown in color and is a free flowing liquid at ambient temperature and manufactured strictly as per IS 8887: 2004.
Emulsion Bitumen CRS2


Characteristics Bitumen Emulsion CSS1
Viscosity at 25⁰C (Saybolt Viscometer), Sec 20 – 100
 Residue on 600 Micron IS Sieve, % max 0.05
Storage Stability after 24 hrs, % max 2
Binder Residue by Evaporation, % min 60
Average Setting time, minutes ≈ 15


Bitumen Emulsion CRS1 is ideally suited for Tack Coat application and Recommended rate of application is:

Application Quantity in Kg/10 m2 Area
Bitumen Surface 2 – 2.5
Aged Bitumen Surface 2.5 – 3
 Primed Surface 2.5 – 3
Non Bitumen Surface


 Granular Base (Not Primed) 3.5 – 4.0
Cement Concrete Pavement 3.0 – 3.5